‘Eternal Youth’ by Niamh Ryan- Galway Theatre Festival 2019 (3-6 May 2019)


Bank Of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway

3rd – 6th May 2019

“School has just finished and adulthood is fast approaching, the world should be at their fingertips but college could also mean separation. Two best friends attempt to battle their demons together but their deep obsession with Peter Pan and what’s left of their childhood leaves them struggling to stay afloat.

With a unique spin on rhythm and language, Eternal Youth, winner of the Sam Seldon playwriting award and Irondale Theatre (Brooklyn, New York) development award, will pull you into a fantasy world that reminds you that you are not alone.” – Galway Theatre Festival Website

Written & Directed by Niamh Ryan


Niamh Ryan as Ashley

Denis Haugh as Darren

Produced by Niamh Ni Fhlatharta

Lighting Design by Kevin Murphy

Sound Design by Eibhleann Caffrey

Costume Design by Marie Hegarty

Reviews for Eternal Youth:

An Ait Eile – http://www.aae.ie/eternal-youth-gtf/?fbclid=IwAR3pHEuHOZIRhvkJ2TL5ncP98I5KHiJ55LPAgxHhf3p5vP6qEHD2EPUoOmQ

Meg – http://www.meg.ie/review-eternal-youth/?fbclid=IwAR1zf0P2yWJYFkf5jRM1vQZU_YsNaa9HzXxP4AqTddUlnSi_HQ-471rFegw



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